They show up across Kugelmugel, that is taking place about artwork (“Declaring independence is

A micronation based in Austria, observed in the comical “It’s a gem package of countries”, when Sealand, Seborga, and Wy are searching for some other micronations. Art!”). Sealand claims some thing about without the nerve to speak with him in his ongoing state, and they should just set.

Their personality style demonstrates him with two lengthy braids and a mole like Austria’s, yet higher up. He could be exactly the same level as Ladonia, but shorter than Sealand.


Ladonia try a micronation online, made by a few Swedish music artists. He thinks he or she is creating a war with Sweden. The guy seems towards the comical “It’s a resource container of nations”, creating stalked the party for your remove, and accompanies Sealand as he visited ask the former Niko Niko Republic to your 2013 Halloween celebration are hosted by the other regions.


Described as a “mysterious micronation based out of [the United states county of] Nevada”, he or she is a carefree, pleasant individual when no one is around. It is only whenever others means which he becomes a loud, intense individual with a sharp mindset. He can make 1st appearance when you look at the pieces It really is a Treasure package of nations.

Niko Niko Republic

A self-proclaimed country in Japan. The guy was once a Japanese middle-school scholar before producing the micronation regarding the Niko Niko Republic, getting an un-aging personification of Niko Niko Republic (which, as Japan noted, was very uncommon). He soon gone back to getting a standard Japanese citizen, and after that he aged generally together with a household of his own, with a wife and child. He had been welcomed on the Halloween celebration from inside the Halloween 2013 celebration by several other micronations, but rejected, while he got moved lower from nation updates and his son had a playdate that day.


  • Voiced by: Ai Orikasa
  • Voiced by (English dub): Maxey Whitehead

The united kingdomt’s younger buddy, Sealand vows as thought to be an actual country at some point, although he’s a sea fort that The united kingdomt built-in 1944. After selling themselves on e-bay, he had been implemented by Sweden. He could be pals with Latvia, and a rival to TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). He’s in addition shown to be pals with Latvia, and leaps any kind of time possiblity to meet newer, beginning micronations and give all of them “support and european datovГЎnГ­ lokalit information” since their better.


The Principality of Seborga try a self-proclaimed micronation in Italy whom likes flirting with pretty girls. He’s the appearance of a new guy with a haircurl similar to North Italy’s, though his curl try notably asymmetrical. Their also offers the exact same vision shade as South Italy. The guy first appears in Hetalia: eye-catching industry, hanging upside-down from a tree with ketchup on his face while trying to make an impact on the latest micronation Wy, but instead obtaining caught and frightening Sealand (and later having a tantrum thrown at him). He in addition pointed out that he could possibly strike on Wy in a few century.

Turkish Republic of North Cyprus

Also called TRNC, he could be a Mediterranean micronation that looks like a tiny youngsters and gowns similar to chicken, the only one that can accept him as a legitimate nation. Despite this, he or she is pleased with are identified by chicken and is also a rival of kinds to Sealand as a result of this (as Sealand is not named a nation by any person but himself). The guy talks in a monotone sound and it is considerably more stern and silent in comparison to their earlier sibling, Cyprus.

An Australian micronation who is depicted as a new female with bushy eyebrows and a rose in her locks, removed into an area ponytail. She has a flair when it comes to arts, and results in as the utmost adult of micronations. Her very first anime appearance was in Hetalia: breathtaking community, where she shot down both Sealand and Seborga’s efforts at befriending her, saying not to ever be looking forward to being bumped inside same standing as them.