Blaine got to Buenos Aires about a week ago

We spent Christmas together, which was a lot of fun! We cooked dinner, drank A LOT of champagne, and played card games! Our apartment had a pool, which Blaine spent his mornings and evenings lol. It woke him up. I wasn’t going into the pool, as it was pretty murky and freaked me out a little. I layed out tho! 🙂 As did Trina!We went to a tango show on the river. It was fun! The dancing reminded me of Dancing with The Stars, but only with the professional dancers. Hmmm, I’m really trying to remember the funny details which really make the trip, but I’m having a hard time remembering! I have to improve on my weekly or daily blogs so this doesn’t keep happening. My memory is obviously not helping me very much.

Well I can admit that my parents and friends were 100% correct, when they told me “I was bringing way too much stuff. ” You should see Trina and I lugging these suit cases and back packs around. It’s a site to see! Thank goodness Blaine is here, because he’s taking one of our bags back to the states. Whoo hoo. No more hooker heels, club out fits, jeans, and all the tops I havent worn! Lol. I have definitely learned my lesson!

I am jumping forward to our 3 day trip to Iguazu, which we just came from. First off, our hostel was more of a hotel! It was great! Pool, mini bar, a/c in the bedrooms, wi-fi, and the list goes on! Funny how I would always expect this when staying at a hotel, but living in hostels has made my living standards drop! Lol. Our first day we proceeded to edarling crГ­ticas drink all day and night, well late evening I should say. I think Blaine is a bad influence on us, as we have now been drinking more and staying up much later then normal! Lol! Seriously though, Trina and I have been acting like old grandmas, going to bed around 11 30pm and only going out once or twice while in Brazil. Lamos. But now that Blaine is here the party is too! Lol! I don’t mind it at all;) Anyways, we went to dinner the first night and it was everything but great. Which was a surprise to us because all the locals seemed to think it was the four seasons of the town. So by the time Trina’s steak comes out, 2 hours of waiting and the electricity going out for a period of time, we are beyond annoyed. It appeared to us that most of the other customers were too, most of them walking out. Trinas steak was RAW ( i almost gagged), my fish Tasted like microwaved Costco fish and Blaine also had the rubber fish. It was quite an experience! We had a better experience the night after at a different restaurant. Thankfully!:)


The best part of the entire mini trip was the Iguazu National Park and Falls. I was in love. So beautiful. These waterfalls were nothing like I have ever seen! Each minute, 32 pools the size of an Olympic pool, are flowing off the waterfalls! EVERY MINUTE! Crazy! We took plenty of pics, so you will see what I’m talking about. We took a raft ride under the waterfalls, going through rapids and getting completely soaked! It was so much fun! I definitely recommend it to everyone:)


Paraty is a little surf town with fab restaurants (we just found out) and great people to match. Yesterday though unfortunately we were felt a little under the weather. Like severally actually. I think we may have not thoroughly thought thru the whole “let’s drink a margarita the size of a mountain made of ice that probably didn’t come from a water bottle” thing. Needless to say, we paid for it. However, from that we learned what great hostel we had found because the main worker dude was waiting on us like we were princesses. He got us meds, served us our food early, and cleaned up for us, then made sure we didn’t mix booze with food (not that we were hoping to do so) but ya you get the point.