Also, unlike with other casual hookup sites, you won’t get random shots of genitalia as you’re searching through potential matches

The Review

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Very cheap
  • Get Lucky feature offers quick browsing

The Review

  • Extremely simplistic profiles
  • Most features unavailable with free membership
  • Somewhat subpar design

Editor’s Summary

As you might expect, OnlineBootyCall is for booty calls. That’s all it’s about. It’s not a complicated matchmaking site like eHarmony. It doesn’t have endless personality quizzes. It doesn’t ask you to share your hopes and dreams with other users. It’s not designed to engineer romance. It’s just a stripped-down social networking site designed to get you laid. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on.

OnlineBootyCall is extremely easy to use, and it’s very quick. Joining up is a really fast process, and all you need is an email address and a picture. You answer a short questionnaire — basically just a statement of what kind of people you’d like to sleep with, and how soon — and you’re good. You don’t even need to write a profile, because the site automatically generates one for you based on the interests you’ve provided. The only step that takes any time is a picture verification process: the moderators check out your picture to make sure that you haven’t uploaded a photo of a duck, or a stock photo, or anything obscene. This is reassuring, because you know that the women whose pictures you’re browsing aren’t entirely fabricated.

With a free membership, you can get a decent idea of what the site is about, but the functionality is quite limited. You can’t use the “Who’s Online” feature, which allows you to message logged-in users, giving you the promise of instant connection. You can’t send messages to other free members. And you can’t browse the explicit pictures which some users choose to upload. So that’s no fun. Worse still, free members are pelted with popups advertising premium features. Luckily, membership is quite affordable, especially long-term memberships, which are heavily discounted. Also, a paid membership gives you a signal boost: you’re more prominently featured in user searches.

The site is all about efficiency. The “quick search” feature instantly gives you a lot of matches to go through, sorted in no particular fashion. But if you’d like to go into more detail — say, if you’d like to search specifically for short people of mixed ethnicity within 50 miles of you — then you can do that. As well, the site has a rotating list of featured profiles, if you just want an opportunity to message a short curated list of hot people. As a whole, the search functions are easy and no more difficult to use than Google. They’re also really fast. The site never lags or pauses to load whatsoever. And, if even that extreme level of convenience isn’t quite convenient enough for you, there’s also the “Get Lucky” feature. It’s essentially the option to browse the site’s users in Tinder-style: you see one match after another, and you accept or reject them, and if one matches you back, then you can start messaging. It’s really nice to have the choice of seeing matches either based on searches or based on random assignation, because both are fun and useful in their own way.

The site’s simplicity is both the site’s strength and its only real weakness. Unlike with a more traditional dating site, like OKCupid, there’s not a lot of way to insert personality into your profile. There’s nothing even remotely like a matching algorithm, and the automatically generated profiles are really sparse. Basically it’s just a list of the most elementary stuff you’re looking for in a hook-up. So unless you use a particularly quirky picture, there’s no easy way to differentiate yourself from the other dudes using the site. In some ways, this is completely understandable — it’s OnlineBootyCall, and you usually don’t need to read someone’s whole philosophy of living to decide whether you want to pursue their booty. And the site’s minimalism is what keeps it easy and fast. But the option to provide more detailed information about yourself, as well as get it from other people, would add a little bit of depth to the user experience.